JAGDA Textbook “VISUAL DESIGN” Volume 2: Typography & Symbol Mark

JAGDA Textbook “VISUAL DESIGN” Volume 2: Typography & Symbol Mark

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Visual design has two elements. One is visual expression and the other is verbal, linguistic expression. Both are visual in terms that they are seen by people. However, verbal, linguistic expressions depend on the meanings of words, how to convey meaning, and how to combine, structure and form the words. VISUAL DESIGN Volume 2 focuses on understanding the relationship between characters and sight as well as various methodologies and approaches behind the relationship. Typography deals with character expression and practicability, including Japanese and English characters, ethnic characters, photocomposition, digital fonts, logo types, and (Japanese-style) calligraphy. Characters and languages have individual histories and traditions and these have been inherited in various forms. Volume 2 describes the transition of contemporary typography with a historical background and introduces and interprets excellent visual designs.
Today, symbols are essential elements in corporate identity (CI) planning and designing. Just like typography, symbols have their own history and trends. The symbols of enterprises and entities play a major role in the media. Typography and symbols comprise visual design itself. Volume 2 describes the major roles of symbols in practical settings and includes many examples. We would be most happy if this textbook serves as a good reference for teachers and students.
(*Excerpted from the preface)

Size: A4/174 pages/color
Year of publication: 2000

Number of contributors: 34
Book design: Tetsuya Ohta
Cover image: Osamu Fukushima
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