JAGDA Textbook “VISUAL DESIGN” Volume 3: Illustration

JAGDA Textbook “VISUAL DESIGN” Volume 3: Illustration

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Illustration occupies a major part of visual design. It acts like a mirror reflecting the times. VISUAL DESIGN Volume 3 describes the expansion of expressive media in modern illustrations through looking at its historical development and attempts to bring the whole picture together. For this purpose, Volume 3 involves more than 40 writers and includes 600 pictures.
Today, the relationship between illustration and expressive media is related not only to corporate advertisements but also to publications such as magazines, newspapers, picture books, guidebooks, and illustrations, as well as to spaces, environments, show spaces, and stages. We have decided to integrate and locate the illustration of today, which is spreading throughout the visual media, as much as possible. Volume 3 is a message from today’s top designers and illustrators and offers a means of methodological development. We would be most happy if this textbook serves as a good reference for teachers and students.
(*Excerpted from the preface)

Size: A4/118 pages/color
Year of publication: 2000

Number of contributors: 57
Book design: Tetsuya Ohta
Cover image: Osamu Fukushima
Layout: Katsuhiro Kihoshita, Tsuyokatsu Kudo

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