Digital Media and Japanese Graphic Design–Its Past and Future

Digital Media and Japanese Graphic Design–Its Past and Future

Experiments in the early days, developments of CG, enthusiasm for Multimedia, diffusion of Internet, and future of Singularity – This book documents the exhibition “Digital Media and Japanese Graphic Design–Its Past and Future” held at Tokyo Midtown Design Hub in February 2016.

The book introduces the exhibited works, along with interviews, contributed texts and dialogues by experts. An essential book to re-examine the relationship of computer and graphic design, and to reconsider the state of design that connects human and technology from various viewpoints.


– “A Short History of Digital Media and Japanese Graphic Design” by Yasuhito Nagahara
– Up to 70’s: The Age of Pre-digital Media
– 80’s: The Age of Computer Graphics
– 90’s: The Age of Multimedia
– 00’s: The Age of Online Advertising
– 2045 Onwards: The Age of the Singularity

Interviews on Computer and Design by Harumi Kusumi
– Masao Kohmura “The Expressive Possibilities that Computer Art Gave Birth to”
– Masaki Fujihata “Regarding the Relationship between Technology and Perception”
– Ichiro Higashiizumi “Technology and Bodily Sensations”
– Ryoji Tanaka “On Always Being Amateur Who Loves a Challenge”
– Junichi Rekimoto “The Human Functions that Technology Expands”

Essay “Computer: Instruments for Designing Potentiality” by Takamitsu Yamamoto

Symposium “The Relationship of Intellect and Technology: The Future of Digital Media”
(Speakers: Akihiro Kumota, Shiho Fukuhara, Akira Wakita; Moderetor: Hiroyuki Takahashi)

Image Collection
JAGDA and Digital Media 1982–2014
List of Exhibited Books
Outline of Exhibition

Please visit the following websites for details of the exhibition:

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub Website

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Published: 7 February 2017
Edited by: JAGDA Internet Committee
Supervised by: Yasuhito Nagahara
Designed by: Kensaku Kato and Seigo Kitaoka (Laboratories)
h200 x w125 mm, 272 pages, main texts, b/w (partly in colour)

Price: 1,800 Yen (without tax)
Inquiry: Seibundo Shinkosha Publishing