As Japan’s design window to the world JAGDA collaborates with worldwide organizations in a vivid exchange of creators and creations.

Since its establishment, JAGDA has been fulfilling its duty as a window to the world for Japanese graphic design through interchange with various overseas design institutions such as the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda). From now on, we will turn our attention to the Asian region, to see what kind of service Japanese design can render there.

Icograda Congress, Nagoya, 2003

VISUALOGUE: the Book, 2006

[2003 Icograda Congress Nagoya, Japan] The hosting of “VISUALOGUE”

Approximately 3,800 participants from around the world attended the “quality of information” themed design congress that was held in conjunction with Icograda’s general assembly in 2003. JAGDA was mainly responsible for the event’s planning and administration, and in 2006 published records of all lectures.

[Poster Exchange] Cooperating with worldwide exhibitions through the universal language of posters.

JAGDA compiles and provides selections of posters made by its members for exhibitions held by various countries and international organizations.

[Human Exchange] Delegating members to worldwide design events.

By delegating members to design events in other countries we pave the way for communication that truly crosses borders.