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Progressing Hand in Hand with Graphic Design

JAGDA, with a history accumulated through challenge and endeavor, is continuously expanding the possibility and outlook of graphic design.

JAGDA was launched in April 1978 with 705 members, which soon exceeded 1,000 in the same year. After becoming a public-interest corporation in 1984, JAGDA evolved into a graphic design organization representing Japan. However, not everything in the Association’s history has gone smoothly. While responding to actual social needs in accordance with economic trends and other temporal developments, we have evolved into an organization that is characterized by its members’ cutting-edge sensitivity. Our mission for the 21st century, an age requiring further advancements in design, is to expand the definition of “graphic design” and work toward creation of a new stage in its history.

  • 1978

    Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA) inaugural meeting
    Yusaku Kamekura appointed president (active through June 1994)
    Voluntary organization established August 26 with 705 members

  • 1979

    Association with the Council of the Design Association of Japan and the National Health Insurance Union of Artists

  • 1980

    JAGDA evolves into a nationwide organization
    Permanent committee established

  • 1981

    First yearbook (now titled Graphic Design in Japan / Rikuyosha) published
    Joined the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda: now renamed as International Council of Design / ICoD)

  • 1982

    JAGDA Computer Symposium launched

  • 1983

    Establishment of the JAGDA New Designer Award
    JAGDA Poster Exhibition launched and traveled nationwide, starting from Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
    JAGDA Production Fee Standards handbook (including fee calculation and contract examples) published

  • 1984

    Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. (JAGDA) inaugural meeting as a corporate entity (April 2)
    JAGDA One Day School launched

  • 1985

    JAGDA session held at the Icograda Congress in Nice, France

  • 1986

    Commissioned production of posters for the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ National Culture Festival
    Series of related poster exhibitions starts (through 1999)

  • 1988

    Establishment of the Japan Artistic Copyright Federation
    Katzumie Masaru Award co-established by five organizations (JAGDA, Japanese Society for the Science of Design, Japan Design Committee, Tokyo Art Directors Club, Japan Industrial Designers’ Association)

  • 1989

    Hosting of the Icograda-JAGDA Pan-Pacific Design Congress ’89

  • 1991

    Association with Japan Reprographic Rights Center (now renamed as Japan Reproduction Rights Center)

  • 1993

    JAGDA textbook “VISUAL DESIGN” published (5 volumes / through 1997, Rikuyosha)

  • 1994

    Kazumasa Nagai appointed president (June 1994 to June 2000)

  • 1997

    JAGDA appointed recommendation organ for the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ overseas internship program for emerging artists

  • 1999

    Yusaku Kamekura Design Award established under the administration of JAGDA

  • 2000

    Shigeo Fukuda appointed president (June 2000 to January 2009)
    Cooperation on the Japan Foundation’s Discover Japan through Contemporary Posters Exhibition

  • 2002

    FAQs on graphic designers’ copyrights published

  • 2003

    Hosting of the Icograda Congress Nagoya, Japan and the International Graphic Design Fair 2003
    Friends of JAGDA Program established

  • 2005

    Who’s who online catalogue of members’ work launched

  • 2006

    VISUALOGUE: the Book published (Sendenkaigi)

  • 2007

    Tokyo Midtown Design Hub launched

  • 2009

    Mitsuo Katsui appointed president (February 2009 to June 2012)
    JAGDA Award established

  • 2010

    JAGDA Vision formulated

  • 2012

    Katsumi Asaba appointed president (June 2012 to June 2018)

  • 2015

    JAGDA Student Grand Prix established

  • 2018

    Taku Satoh appointed president in June

  • 2021

    Renamed as Japan Graphic Design Association