The JAGDA Poster Exhibition: Water for Life

The JAGDA Poster Exhibition: Water for Life

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The Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA) initiated the “JAGDA Peace Poster Exhibition” in 1983 as a way of promoting peace through the medium of the poster. Since then it has continued, both in Japan and overseas, to hold exhibitions of posters with a message created by association members under themes including ‘peace’, ‘the environment’, ‘World Heritage’ and ‘Japan’, and these events have enjoyed an enormous response.
This year we take ‘water’ as our theme in holding the “JAGDA Poster Exhibition: WATER FOR LIFE”.
At this exhibition are displayed 282 works under the theme “Water for Life”, 256 entries from graphic designers in all parts of Japan who make up the JAGDA membership, and 26 works by students selected from among the entries to our student poster competition.
We will be happy if the many people who will hopefully see this exhibition take away with them a visual message about “Water for Life” that emerges from its diverse representations through graphic design as a form of communication art.
Finally, We would like to offer our warmest thanks to Suntory Limited, Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., Takeo Co., Ltd., the United Nations Information Centre, Tokyo and all the others who have supported the ideas of the exhibition and given tremendous cooperation.
(Preface from the catalogue)

Size: B6/314 pages
Number of designs included: 282
Book design: Kashiwa Sato
Year of publication: 2005

Price: 2,000 yen

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