The JAGDA Poster Exhibition: JAPAN 2001

The JAGDA Poster Exhibition: JAPAN 2001

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In 1983 the Japan Graphic Designers Association inaugurated the “JAGDA Peace Posters Exhibition” in a quest to promote global peace through the creation of poster art. Subsequently, through annual exhibitions in Japan and overseas of posters produced voluntarily by JAGDA members on a variety of topics of pressing concern, this series of events has aroused significant interest and response worldwide. For this first exhibition of the new century, we have chosen to convene this year’s show on the topic of “JAPAN 2001.”
The exhibition brings together 291 works in all: 273 by JAGDA member designers from all around the nation, and 18 works by design students selected through an open competition. Our hope is that this exhibition will be viewed by as many people as possible, to convey a multitude of visual messages relating to Japan from a wealth of perspectives, products of graphic design serving in the role of a communicative art.
We wish to express our sincere appreciation to the Japan Art Fund, Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., Takeo Co., Ltd., and the many others whose cooperation and support have made this exhibition possible.
(Preface from the catalogue)

Size: 245 x 255mm/176 pages
Number of designs included: 291
Book design: Norito Shinmura
Year of publication: 2001

Price: 2,000 yen


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