JAGDA Textbook “VISUAL DESIGN” Volume 1: Basic Design

JAGDA Textbook “VISUAL DESIGN” Volume 1: Basic Design

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Today, visual design is seen in various forms in life, creating the modern lifestyle. In particular, visual design as a means to convey information to people has, in the creation of images, has come to display a contemporary style for goods and spaces. Visual design plays a major role not only in printed materials but also in television programs/commercials, commercial spaces, environments, sign planning for urban and town development. As a result, the number of young people who choose to be visual designers as a future occupation has grown every year and visual design has attracted increasing attention from people.
VISUAL DESIGN Volume 1 focuses on the development of basic design methods and positions how to learn contemporary design. The characteristic of Volume 1 is that most of the writers actually engage in graphic design activities and point toward practical approaches based on their experiences. The writers go into shape, color structure, color combination, shape development, material, layout and structure, relationship between flat surfaces and three-dimensional figures, special techniques such as photomontage and collage, computer graphics, and environmental design. We would be most happy if this textbook serves as a good reference for teachers and students.
(*Excerpted from the preface)

Size: A4/110 pages/color
Year of publication: 2000

Number of contributors: 27
Book design: Tetsuya Ohta
Cover image: Osamu Fukushima
Mitsuo Katsui, Kozo Kakei,
Osamu Fukushima

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