JAGDA Textbook “VISUAL DESIGN” Volume 4: Photography and Design

JAGDA Textbook “VISUAL DESIGN” Volume 4: Photography and Design

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Photographic expression is one of the means of expression in visual design. Design and photography are particularly integrated in the field of advertising. The reality, symbolic nature and illusionary nature of photography have direct, significant effects as means to convey visual design. Photographic expression exhibits the essence of communication together with the expression of images. For people studying and thinking about visual design, photography is a basic element. There is also another form of expression and development. Along with the development of information communication networks using electronic media, visual design has increased its involvement with computer graphics (CG). This media has offered a new means of expression and design, changed people’s lives and lifestyles, offered numerous new possibilities, and will further increase its presence in society throughout the world. Visual design has carved out a path to a new era following the emergence of CG. VISUAL DESIGN Volume 4 explains the relationship between photography and design from various angles in relation to a variety of media based on practical applications with a focus on specific works. Volume 4 provides knowledge for beginners through looking at many works such as photographs of goods and people in advertisements, locations, commercial films, book designs, package designs and web designs.
(*Excerpted from the preface)

Size: A4/112 pages/color
Year of publication: 2001

Number of contributors: 38
Book design: Tetsuya Ohta
Cover image: Osamu Fukushima
Layout: Katsuhiro Kihoshita

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