Change in the Name of Our Association


More details in Japanese


From July 1, we will be changing the name of our association as follows.

(We will continue to use the “JAGDA” acronym.)


New: Japan Graphic Design Association Inc.

Old: Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc.


With graphic design playing wider-ranging roles in society, we hope to get as many people as possible involved in graphic design and to expand and deepen the concept of “graphic design.” We ask for your continued kind support.

● About the change in name

Since being founded as Japan Graphic Designers Association in 1978, JAGDA has continued to lead the Japanese graphic design world as the only nationwide organization of its kind. At the time of our founding, graphic design consisted of planar design centered on print media, and we were mostly made up of graphic designers working primarily in such fields.


Over time, with the emergence of digital media and the blurring of boundaries between different design domains, graphic designers also began to work in fields other than traditional print media. As a result of such changes in media and expansion of design fields, in recent years, there has been a notable increase in the number of people who are involved in graphic design but do not have the job title of “graphic designer.”


Having considered the current nature of graphic design and graphic designers, as well as the outlook for the future, we have decided to change our name from the Japan Graphic Designers Association to the Japan Graphic Design Association, with the aim of accepting a wider range of people from the ever expanding world of graphic design and creating a new platform for the coming generations. At the same time, we will continue to use our current acronym, “JAGDA.”


In adopting a new name, we have looked ahead 10 to 20 years into the future, while still respecting our history and track record over the past 40+ years as the Japan Graphic Designers Association. Under our new name, we will continue to live up to our roles and responsibilities in society as a public interest incorporated association, and engage in dynamic public works projects that generate an even greater positive social impact.


*The preface in our annual publication, Graphic Design in Japan 2021, features a three-way dialog among our President and two Vice-Presidents on JAGDA’s present and future, including the aforementioned name change. To read the summary in English, click on the link below.

[2021.11.4] Visit ICoD website for their article “JAGDA name change calls in expanded disciplines