Booklet for Graphic Designers 1: Q&A on Copyright

Booklet for Graphic Designers 1: Q&A on Copyright

A revised edition of “Q&A on Copyrights for Graphic Designers” published in 2002 with updates according to law and systems revisions, this handbook was reissued as Volume One of “Booklet for Graphic Designer” series. Although it cannot cover all the legal issues around our profession, iIt compiles basic knowledge that a graphic designer should be equipped with, and we hope readers will keep learning with this book as a starting point.

· What kind of right is copyright?
· What procedure should I follow to obtain copyright?
· Does a design created by an amateur have copyright?
· Can we transfer copyright from the creator by assignment or inheritance?
· What’s the difference between author and copyright holder?
· How many years will copyright be protected?
· Should I print © to protect copyrights?
· What categories of work are protected by the Copyright Acts?
· Are copyrighted works created by foreign nationals protected in Japan?
· If my work resembled with someone else’s works, does it mean I’m violating their copyrights?
· What is the judging criteria between resembling and not resembling?
· Do ideas or plans get protected by the Copyrights Act?
· Do copies or catch-phrases have copyrights?
· Do layout design have copyrights?
· Do characters get protected by the Copyright Acts?
· Can we incorporate someone else’s work in personal websites without permission?
· Who owns copyright of a work, such as advertising, that was co-created by multiple creators?

· In which cases can we use copyrighted works without copyright holders’ permission?
· What should we do if we want to “quote” someone else’s work?
· Can I make and sell a postcard of an illustration that I bought at a gallery, without permission by the illustrator?
· Can I hold an exhibition of posters I collected myself?
· Can I use pictograms freely?
· Can I use a map created by someone else without permission?
· What should I do when I make a parody?
· Can I make a logo mark using existing typefaces?
· Do I infringe portrait rights of common people if I use a photo with them in advertisings or posters?
· What are the important points in making a contract with clients?
· What should I do when I want to use copyrighted works by others?
· What should I do when I find out that my design was used by others without my permission?
· What is the difference between copyright and design right?
· What are the procedure, registration fee and term of protection for design and trademark?

· List of consultation services and related organisations
· List of affiliate countries of Berne Convention and Universal Copyright Convention
· Outline of Act Against Unfair Competition
· Intellectual property

Published: March 2017
Edited by: JAGDA Copyright Protection Committee
Supervised by: Kunitoshi Oka, corporate lawyer of JAGDA
Designed by: Zenji Osaki
h188 x w127 mm, 108 pages, b/w

Physical version: 500 Yen
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