Booklet for Graphic Designers 2: Legal Protection of Typefaces

Booklet for Graphic Designers 2: Legal Protection of Typefaces

Although no one denies that typefaces are “creation” based on highly professional knowledge and techniques, legal protection is almost non-existence. JAGDA held a Copyright Seminar “Legal Protection of Typefaces” in July 2015, with a view to establishing legal protection of typefaces without interfering sound development of Japanese culture of character notation, i.e. typefaces. This booklet includes a keynote speech and a panel discussion by typeface experts and legal professionals, accompanied by related resources.

· Keynote Speech “The Current State of Legal Protection of Typefaces” by Shigeo Ooie (professor emeritus, Kurume Universiy)
· Contribution “Legal Protection of Typefaces,” “Originality and Aesthetic Characteristics of Typefaces” by Shintaro Ajioka (chair, JAGDA Copyright Protection Committee)
· Panel Discussion “Legal Protection of Typefaces” by Shigeo Ooie, Riichi Ushiki (patent attorney), Masanari Terada (Morisawa), Kunitoshi Oka (JAGDA corporate lawyer), Yasuhito Nagahara (JAGDA member), Shintaro Ajioka
· Appendix: Legal protection of typefaces in other countries

Published: March 2016
Edited by: JAGDA Copyright Protection Committee
Designed by: Yoshiharu Osaki
h188 x w127 mm, 128 pages, b/w

Physical version: 500 Yen
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