Intellectual Property Handbook for Graphic Designers

Intellectual Property Handbook for Graphic Designers

This booklet is a reproduction of JAGDA IP Seminar held across Japan. Our aim is to encourage you to learn about intellectual property rights and to be equipped with correct knowledge. Please download PDF version for free, or order a physical version on our Online Shop.

*Please note that both PDF and physical version are in Japanese only.

1. Basics of Intellectual Property Rights “Difference between Copyrights and Trademarks” by Kunitoshi Oka (JAGDA corporate lawyer)
(1) Outline of Intellectual Property Rights
(2) Basic Knowledge of Copyrights
(3) Outline of Copyrights Law: Soseki Natsume’s Botchan as an Example
(4) Copyrights and Trademarks: Lessons from Disputes Surrounding Tokyo 2020 Olympics Emblem
2. JAGDA’s Policy on Rights Description in Competion Regulations
3. Case Studies

Published: August 2019
Edited by: JAGDA Copyright Protection Committee
Designed by: Shintaro Ajioka
h188 x w127mm, 64 pages, b/w

Price: 200 Yen
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