Selection Process of the JAGDA New Designer Awards 2022




Award Winners



Graphic Design in Japan 2022” (July 2022)


Award Ceremony

JAGDA General Assembly on 10 June 2022 in Kumamoto

Tokyo | Tuesday 31 May – Saturday 2 July 2022 | Creation Gallery G8

Tokyo | Thursday 30 June – Monday 18 July 2022 | Tama Art University Bureau

Aichi | Saturday15 – Friday 28 October 2022 | Nagoya Zokei University Gallery

Osaka | Monday 24 January – Thursday 3 February 2022 | Paper Voice Osaka

Niigata | Saturday 4 – Sunday 12 December 2021 | Gallery, The Niigata Prefectural Museum of Modern Art

Shizuoka | Sunday 8 January – Sunday 5 February 2023 | The Center for Creative Communications (CCC)

Selection Process

The JAGDA New Designer Award was established in 1983 with the goals of calling attention to outstanding young designers and energizing the realm of graphic design. The award winners – normally no more than 3 – are selected each year from among all entrants who have not reached their 40th birthday as of the end of October of the judging year.

This year 137 designers with works featured in the 2022 JAGDA Annual qualified as “new designers” (JAGDA members under age 40 as of October 31, 2021). Among these, a first round of voting was held for the 40 individuals who had 3 or more featured works in total selected in the 10 categories (2 or more if the Integrated Design category was included). The featured works of each designer were grouped together at the judging session, and all names were kept anonymous.

In this first round, the 29 members of the Selection Committee were permitted to cast up to 7 votes in total, but they were not required to use up their quota. Printed voting sheets were used, and the names of the designers were concealed. The outcome showed 11 individuals garnering 8 or more votes, qualifying them as the award nominees.

The second round of voting was then conducted, this time with each judge casting 3 votes in total  (without the option of not casting all allotted votes). Again, printed voting sheets were used and the designers’ names were kept anonymous. In this round each committee member indicated his or her choices for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places; a 1st-place vote was worth 3 points, 2nd place 2 points, and 3rd place 1 point. After the voting was completed, the JAGDA rule was applied that entries by multiple designers are ineligible if any member of the design team is over the age of 40 or has previously received a JAGDA New Designer Award. Among the three nominees receiving the most votes was one whose identical work had previously received an award from a different organization as a collaboration with another JAGDA member. A variety of opinions were exchanged on this matter, and after discussions it was decided to hold another round of voting involving all 11 nominees.

The new round resulted in the following members placing in the top 3: Miori Takeda (39 points/19 votes), Shoichi Maehara (27 points/13 votes) and Taku Sasaki (24 points/13 votes). These results were unchanged from the situation prior to the additional round of voting, and accordingly the 2022 JAGDA New Designer Awards were bestowed on Miori Takeda, Shoichi Maehara and Taku Sasaki.