Digital Media and Japanese Graphic Design–Its Past and Future

Released on 7 February, 2017
Size: 200mm x 125mm/272pages
Editor-at-large: Yasuhito Nagahara
Edited by: JAGDA Internet Committee,Kiyotaka Muroga,Toshinobu Nagara
Book design: Kensaku Kato,Seigo Kitaoka (LABORATORIES)

Price: 1,800 Yen (tax not included)
Published by: Seibundo-Shinkosha

Digital Media and Japanese Graphic Design–Its Past and Future

Seeking out the true nature of this age, going beyond innovation to take a sweeping view of the past and future of design and technology – early experimentation, the evolution of CG, wild enthusiasm for multimedia, the spread of the internet, and the coming of the singularity in the future.
An official archive book of the Digital Media and Japanese Graphic Design – Its Past and Future exhibition at Tokyo Midtown Design Hub (held from January to February 2016).
The focus of the archive book is on the works featured at the exhibition, and also it includes interviews, articles contributed by experts in the field, and records of roundtable discussions. This book reimagines the relationship between design and computers, and examines design that connects people and technology from multiple perspectives.


A Brief History of Digital Media and Japanese Graphic Design: Yasuhito Nagahara
-70's The Age of Pre-didital Media
80's The Age of Computer Graphics
90's The Age of Multimedia
00's The Age of Online Advertising
2045- The Age of the Singularity

The Possibilities of Expression Created by Computer Art: Masao Kohmura
A Look at the Relationship Between Technology and Perception: Masaki Fujihata
Technology and Bodily Sensations: Ichiro Higashiizumi
Remaining an Amateur Who Loves a Challenge: Ryoji Tanaka
Human Abilities Expanded with Technology: Junichi Rekimoto

Image Collection

Special Column: Latent Design – Computers, Expressions, and People

Symposium: The Future of Digital Media – Examining the Relationship Between Intelligence and Technology

JAGDA and Digital Media 1982-2014
List of exhibited books
Exhibition outline
List of works
List of contributors' biographies
Foldout: Digital Media and Japanese Graphic Design through the Years

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