Cultivating the "Future" of Design

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JAGDA continues to offer innovative yet down-to-earth programs to foster new generations of creators, paving the way for the future of Japanese design.

JAGDA considers the cultivation of next-generation leaders of the design world as one of its central aims in order to maintain and activate the quality of Japanese graphic design. Specifically, our activities include all kinds of seminars for professional designers, the production of original textbooks conceived at the actual scene of design, and several other unique undertakings. Each of these projects is being carried out with active member designers functioning as instructors and authors. Much more direct than is possible in traditional school education, our methodology secures its establishment in practical design education.

JAGDA One Day School
Lessons teaching real-life design.

The JAGDA One Day School was implemented to offer young designers and students who are expected to lead the coming generation of designers opportunities to communicate with instructors in discussions, workshops, portfolio reviews and get-togethers.
Since the first term in 1984, the One Day School was held across Japan, with participants amounting to more than 10,000. These lessons are popular for conveying not only theoretical knowledge, but the “real-life experiences and philosophies” of active graphic designers.
To absorb their students’ youthful sensitivity and energy in such interaction helps the instructors generate the necessary power for sustaining the future of design.

Cultivating the
JAGDA One Day School, Osaka University of Arts, 2004

An outward-looking design textbook.

This textbook is one project of JAGDA to summarize its “real-life methodology” developed out of experience at the actual scene of design. Combining the works and messages of over 200 designers and other specialists who responded to JAGDA’s appeal for contributions, this publication offers unprecedented substantial teaching material for the realm of design. The textbook is highly regarded for the quality and variety of its illustrations, and the accuracy of its glossary and other sections, and is in fact being used at design schools across Japan. Enjoying a high reputation also on the international stage, in 1994 it was published in Korean and Taiwanese languages, followed by a Chinese edition in 2003 (Vols. 1 to 3 for each language). We will continue to pursue the creation of signposts in the design landscape in the form of thoroughly revised, updated editions reflecting the signs of the times.
Volume 1 “Basic Design” / Volume 2 “Typography, Symbol Mark” / Volume 3 “Illustration” / Volume 4 “Photography and Design” / Volume 5 “Computer Graphics”

Cultivating the
Visual Design

Studies at the Frontline of Digital Work
Introducing cutting-edge technology to the designer's drawing board.

The advancement of digital technology has brought with it massive changes in the production environment of design. Since 1982, JAGDA has been hosting a forum for professional designers to explore new relationships between digital technology/media and creative work. In cooperation with printers, typeface producers and other digital technology-related businesses, we will continue to offer seminars as useful additions to a designer’s daily routine.